Yamatoku Co., Ltd.

Completion: August, 2020
Location: Kyoto city
Building use: showroom

This is a store that deals, customizes and restores automobile parts in Kyoto.
The following is an excerpt from the cooperate concept:
“Automobiles are essential to our lives, and the reason as to why we ride one varies from people to people, as a daily means of transportation, commercial vehicle, pick-up vehicle, transportation, or hobby. In the age with an ever-growing clamor for ecology, we believe that fuel efficiency and safety performance are crucial. Nevertheless, we also believe that fulfilling the desire to drive a car of one’s dreams and passing down a car of the good old days to the next generation are just as important. We, Yamatoku Co., Ltd., will be the first to support as long as there are drivers that take a good care of their own car.”
We were requested to achieve a space of dreams that lives up to this concept where car lovers would be thrilled and happy to visit regularly, besides the reliability of a store customers entrust their beloved cars to.
We have combined the showroom, meeting room and office space into a single space and wove the movements of staffs working at different departments into the exhibition space. We decided to allow only one vehicle, or a product, to be exhibited and to build artwork and various automobile parts usually stored in a warehouse into the interior of the showroom to produce an extraordinary space.
We used the base metal of steel for the exterior to accentuate aging of the building. We purposely corroded the material to achieve a vintage feel. Inside the factory is the street art the employees like.

We hope that the store has turned into a special place for not only the customers but also staffs.