Kashin Ohsuga main store

Location: City of hikone, shiga prefecture
Completion:March 2020
Building use: Japanese sweets shop

This is a renewal project of the main store of Kashin Osuga, a historic Japanese sweets store founded in 1953, located at the foot of Hikone Castle in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture.
“We must use good ingredients,” was the signature phrase of the predecessor. Our theme was to use carefully selected building materials to express the commitment and world view, which is the origin of sweets making and is still valued by Kashin Osuga today.
Similar to the sweets that are carefully finished one by one by craftsmen and the tools that have been used for a long period of time, the inside and outside of the store are made up of traditional construction methods, natural materials, and feeling of handiwork done in and out. By removing unnecessary claims, we gently snuggled up to the unadorned, gentle atmosphere of the sweets, and coexisted obediently to color the whole.
We are excited about carving time, new memories, and history at this place.