ingrédient kyoto

Location: City of kyoto, Kyoto prefecture
Completion:April 2020
Building use: Patisserie

The concept of the store, which the owner raised, is “simple and beautiful”. The name of the store, ingrédient, comes from the meaning of elements and structure, and by simply layering various ingredients, it grows with its rich taste, aroma, and appearance. It was a request to build a store that expresses the feelings of the owner pastry chef and the world view of sweets.
In order to serve as a saucer that enhances the appeal of the sweets that are made, we thought that a composition that conveys simple and craftsmanship handicrafts, just like the product itself, is suitable for the world view.
Due to the tenant’s conditions, only the entrance door could be operated on the façade, so an antique glass knob was attached to the glass door with a wooden frame that was nice to look at and feel good to the touch. As an approach to the store, we wanted to arrange jewel-like imprint parts like the many beautiful cakes we are about to see.
The main counter in the store, which has a different taste from the façade, is a sharpened plasterer made by mixing her dark-tone plasterer and aggregate, and the L-shape that doubles as a display shelf creates a compact interior with functions and a world view. Coexisted. In addition, the walls, floor, and ceiling are finished with a common tone to create a simple structure.
The leading role of the store are sweets. We focused on creating the store to become a vessel that makes each item crafted in detail, beautiful colors, more luster and stand out.