Type: Renovation
Use: Gallery
Location: 170 Ichi-no-machi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Completion: Aug 2023
Lighting Plan: ModuleX
Japanese Paper: Wataru Hatano
Planting: Fūkei(Keisuke Sato)
Photo: Junichi Usui

The new gallery “醒” (Sei) of “器や彩々(Utuwaya saisai)” located on the south side of Sanjo Shopping Street in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City.

Situated to the south of Nijo Castle, the gallery is a renovated machiya (traditional wooden townhouse) aiming for differentiation from the existing storefront. It focuses on providing a space dedicated to the exhibition of craft artists.

Despite the original machiya structure having accumulated a unique atmosphere over the years, it had undergone multiple renovations by previous owners, including oil painting on the exposed framework. In this project, the goal was to return to the original form of the machiya and integrate new design elements.

The first floor (1F) features a minimalistic white space actively incorporating natural light. The layout is designed to be open and linear, extending from the entrance towards Oike Street.

The second floor (2F) serves as both a meeting room and exhibition space. In contrast to the first floor, it adopts a subdued finish with tones of Kurotani washi (Japanese paper), prioritizing privacy and creating a serene space with minimal natural light.

Drawing on the inherent charm of the machiya, the gallery aspires to become a new presence, providing an exhibition space where one can feel the energy of contemporary craft artists living in the present.