Pizzeria Positano

Type: Renovation
Use: Restaurant
Location: 533 Hanazakicho, Narita, Chiba Prefecture
Completion: Oct 2023
Construction: SanKyo Sogyo Co., Ltd.
Lighting Plan: ModuleX
Cooperation: Atelier Salt (Yoji Fujiwara)
Photo: Junichi Usui

This is a renovation plan centered around the first-floor kitchen of Positano (Pizzeria Positano).

The kitchen is being completely revamped to achieve a modern yet authentic atmosphere that harmonizes with the traditional streetscape of the area.

The ground floor, which serves as the face of the restaurant, is predominantly occupied by the kitchen. At the owner’s request, the plan includes a counter of significantly larger dimensions compared to standard ones, emphasizing functionality. The aim was to ensure that this counter contributes positively to the overall impact of the restaurant rather than overwhelming its presence.

The finishing materials are unified in dark tones, with a composition of tiles, plaster, and SUS vibrations blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. The arrangement of the kitchen elements creates a three-dimensional rhythm centered around the counter, resulting in a distinctive façade that reflects the unique character of the establishment.