Location: City of kyoto, Kyoto prefecture
Completion:April 2020
Building use: restaurants


The project took place on Yanagikoji Street in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto, lined with tasteful row houses and willow trees. This is a new restaurant run by the owner of Yanagikoji TAKA, also on the same street, which we previously had the honor of taking on the design. Unlike the first restaurant, this one offers customers a relaxing space with tables to enjoy meals as they please. We were requested to design a restaurant space that embodies the vision of the world-renowned owner chef. In line with the chef’s delicate, impressive creations that bring out the best of raw ingredients, we strove for a delicate but impressive and sublime interior space.
We planned the lighting by modelling the kitchen after a stage, using simple materials that produce a sense of craftsmanship, such as handmade Japanese paper and plastering. We then used a solid walnut top for the counter to give a dense feeling.
We were able to achieve a space that reflects the chef’s delicate but bold vision.