Location: City of ibaraki, Osaka prefecture
Completion:December 2018
Building use: Trattoria Cafe & Bar

Mezza Luna opened in Ibaraki-shi, Osaka in December 2018.
It is a trattoria cafe and bar that was born alongside the river that flows beside the Ibaraki City Hall.
A sister restaurant to Luna Piena, which has over 20 years’ history in Ibaraki, the names of both come from Italian.
Luna Piena means “full moon”, while Mezza Luna means “half moon”.

The highlight in the layout and interior design of the shop is the big wooden table, filled with symbolic meaning and weighty presence.
The top surface with a geometric pattern formed by the meeting of innumerable annual rings rests under the gentle glow of lighting with a half-moon motif.
Benches finished with Kurotani washi (traditional Japanese paper) and placed surrounding the table also adorn the interior.
The big table will provide a presence that can be used flexibly to suit different conditions and situations, such as a spot for conversation or a site for exhibition.
The facade has a neon sign with half-moon motif allowing it to be recognized from afar, taking visibility into account.

The chef, who polished his skills in the home of Italian cuisine, lays out food and drink just like in the old country.
A borderless space to form various links, creating communities anew.
We hope that this place will become the origin for that sort of lively activity.