House in Umezu

Completion: June, 2015
Location: Kyoto city
Family structure: Married couple (30s) and a child
Building use: Private house
Type: new construction
Main structure: Wood
Lot area: 100.70m2
Total floor area: 92.748m2
Structure: Kaneko Takeshi structural design office
It is a wooden two-story house located in a residential area of fire prevention zone of Ukyo area in Kyoto city.
The inhabitants are a married couple in their late 20s and their children.
The site is a sunny airy three-way corner lot.
Totally different from the exterior that is made with an industrial finish due to the requirements of fire prevention area; the interior is warm and has opened a wide connection to the east side where the customer expects their future garden extension.
Being a working couple with no matching rest time, enriching everyday family life was sought by placing not just a living room on the first floor, but another living room in the second floor as a private space.
The design has been made with the assumption that, if the family would start to grow, this space will change for a future children’s room.