House in Demachiyanagi area 02

Purpose: Residence
Location: Kyoto city, Kyoto
Completion: :Apr. 2024
Type: Renovation
Main structure: RC structure
Lighting Plan: ModuleX
Construction: Takagishi Construction
Photo:Junichi Usui

This project is a home for a young couple who make their living with books, located in a vintage apartment building near Demachiyanagi Station in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. The aim is to create a space where they can enjoy reading in a tranquil environment away from the daily hustle and bustle. In light of the significant changes in the “live + work” paradigm brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the design not only focuses on aesthetics and functionality but also on how to integrate various elements and purposes into a single living space.

In the main living area (LDK), each function (kitchen, dining, walk-in closet, living, and workspace) is tailored to the couple’s lifestyle and aligned with the existing structure, with bookshelves strategically placed throughout. The volume and details of the furniture and built-in elements are designed under a unified rule, using a variety of materials while maintaining an overall soft tone. Large openings separate the interior from the exterior, allowing soft sunlight to filter through frosted glass, which blocks outside views and limits external information.

The books, central to their lives, serve as a connecting hub, creating a low-contrast space. We hope this residence will be a place where the couple can live feeling the gentle flow of time, accommodating their diversely changing lifestyle.