Location: City of Kusatsu, Shiga prefecture
Completion:Mar 2021
Building use: Select shop

This project was a full renovation of an apparel shop in Kusatsu, Shiga.
Considering the existing customer base (women over a wide range of ages) and the sales style (arranging most of the inventory in store), we opted for a simple composition within the store so that a large variety of products could coexist.
For the extensive register counter and storage behind it, which are the key feature, we selected a calm, gently toned timber and added delicate details for a finish with a touch of femininity. For the main materials in the space, we aimed for a gentle feel and warm tone like bare skin and composed these materials at a minimal level.
The base lighting has been adjusted to be at a degree that does not interfere with recognition of the hues of the clothing being sold and is planned to coexist with natural light while retaining softness.