House in Nakagyo area

Completion: June, 2013
Location: Kyoto city, Kyoto
Family structure: A married couple (30s) with a child
Building use: Private house
Type: Renovation
Main structure: RC structure
Total floor area: 67.45m2
Photograph: Shohei Yoshida
The site is located in Nakagyo area, Kyoto city
The quarter is a quite apartment`s residential place, close to Kamo river, out of downtown area
The residents are a married couple in their 30’s with a child.
This house was not meant to be the eternal family housing, so the family looked for a place that could be changed in the future to be rented; when seeking for the apartment, they considered a place of second hand that would not be influenced by its devaluation, as well as the age of the building.
So that finally allowed greater opportunities in the time of a new use for the department.
And therefore, a life-long home was not considered, but instead we wanted to explore the identity of its inhabitants without neglecting the general thinking of use for the future occupants.