House along Saigoku highway

type: Renovation + Extension works
Location: City of Muko, Kyoto prefecture
Family structure: 60s year old couple with a high school son
Completion:January 2016
Completion: Exteriors, estimated May 2016
Building use: Private house
Main structure: Wooden construction with RC parts
Structure: Kaneko Takeshi structural design office
The “House along Saigoku highway” is a renovation project of an over-100-year-old wooden house located aside the Saigoku highway in the city of Muko at Kyoto Prefecture. Due to artistic activity made by the owner; it is a living and atelier space for a 3 member’s family; the 60-years-old parents and their high school teenager son.
The house has several problems that have been a concern for their residents, due to the constant changes and renovations.
The main idea is to keep enough space for three people, making structural reinforcement and making necessary changes to the current architecture.